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Our FinTech App

• Invest in sustainable green investment options, with structured products
• Better manage your investment portfolios with real time data
• Track your investment performance with intuitive dashboard
• Load and withdraw from your investment account anytime

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Finterra Ventures APP

The Ventures app provides access into the world of pre-assessed private equity placements that have real world ESG impact. Ventures is built on robust AWS cloud to provides its users with a real time performance of their portfolio. Ventures offers: 1. Intuitive Dashboard 2. Get a remarkably intuitive overview of your Portfolio Performance 3. Portfolio Management 4. Get a real time view of your current portfolio anytime, anywhere.


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Treebank Blockchain

Using blockchain technology will provide for better Transparency & Traceability in Plantation management, Timber Supply Chain and will provide liquidity for project development.

The use of Fintech (e-wallet, Blockchain Tokenization) can become a commercially scalable wealth generator, which is both sustainable and able to provide financial inclusion while benefiting the environment.

Treebank Blockchain

Professional controller with variable spray rate, flight speed and automated flights. Execute automated crop spraying operations with high precision spraying drone.
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